Is VNS3 available in all clouds and virtual environments?


You can launch VNS3 free and Lite editions right now in most clouds. For links to clouds with public marketplace listings, visit:

AWS Marketplace – Launch your VNS3 instance via the AWS Marketplace in EC2 or VPC.
- VNS3:vpn (
- Limited time free trial of VNS3:net Lite Edition (

Microsoft Azure - Launch a free or Lite Edition VNS3 instance via the Azure Marketplace
- VNS3:vpn free edition (
- VNS3:net Lite Edition (

Google Compute Cloud – Cohesive Networks can share a ready-to-run VNS3 images directly to your Google cloud account. (

IBM Softlayer – VNS3 Free Edition is available as a fully tested public Image in IBM Softlayer. (

CenturyLink Cloud Knowledge Base steps for launching VNS3

VNS3 products are also ready-to-go in other cloud environments including: VMware, Terremark vCloud Express, CloudSigma, HPE Hekion, Rackspace, ElasticHosts, Flexiant, InterRoute, Flexiant, Abiquo, Xen, Openstack, Eucalyptus, Citrix, and KVM. Please email us ( with information about your cloud of choice, and we can deliver a VNS3 image directly to your account. For more on our specifications, visit:

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