Accessing 24x7 Quick Response Support



Cohesive Networks offers 24x7 quick response support for production outages.  This is an additional service subscribed to on beyond our Enhanced Support offering.

Our normal response time for standard support is 4 hours from 3am US Central time to 6pm US Central time.   Enhanced support with the the "quick response" option is 1 hour response time, with additional telephone support.

As always, use the support (at) email or create a ticket through your support system account.   If we do not respond within one hour, you then can activate our call tree via the number provided with your Quick Response subscription.

PLEASE make it very explicit in the subject line that you are invoking usage of your Quick Response Support contract for a production outage.

If you do not have the Quick Response telephone number - please contact your account manager to have it sent to you again.

For the full detail of Cohesive Networks support offerings, please review our website.


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