Accessing Standard Support


In order for Cohesive Networks to help you with your VNS3-based networks we need as complete information as possible.

"HANDS ON" Support (we remote into your VNS3 controller)
Please provide the following:
- Public IP(s) of your VNS3 Controllers
- VNS3 Web UI Username
- VNS3 Web UI Password (please change to something temporary for our use)
- Cloud "security groups" and Network ACL allow access to TCP 22 and TCP 8000 from our support IP:
- Some clouds will require you to port forward our access to 22 and 8000 from other port numbers (Azure for example).  Please provide those ports as applicable.


For Site-to-Site IPsec
If you need help with IPsec connectivity we need the following information about the device you are connecting to:

Why do we need this?  For a fully interoperable site-to-site IPsec connection there are approximately 10 relevant parameters.  IF you get these matched - your connection works!  If they do not match, you will have problems even if your initial connection succeeds. 

In depth review of your Amazon VPC configuration
In the event you still need assistance getting traffic flowing in the desired manner, especially involving the VPC "underlay" (security groups, ACLs, routing tables, subnets, etc..) we will require:
- A READ ONLY "IAMS" credential for the AWS account/VPC involved.
- Port 8000 access opened to our diagnostic system running at a public IP address provided by Cohesive Support.

Click here for information on creating an AWS IAM user.

If you are unwilling to provide this access additional hourly charges may apply.

In depth review of your cloud config
For cloud environments other than Amazon AWS/VPC we will provide information on how best to share information, and if any hourly charges will apply for detailed review.


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