VNS3 Version 4 now generally available



VNS3 Version 4 is a foundation for a sequence of feature dot releases in the near future. This release focuses on updating the VNS3 3.5 product line. 

What's new in 4.0: 

  • Update of the VNS3 hardened OS to version 4.0
  • Update of all underlying components of VNS3 including the IPsec subsystem, TLS server, Routing mechanism, Monitor, and Certificate Generator
  • Redesigned UI to take advantage of paginated, sortable and searchable tables for Peered connections, Overlay Network devices, Clientpacks, and IPsec tunnels
  • Improved IPsec controls including NAT-Traversal control on a per endpoint basis, fully supported IKEV2, Exo Ping with selectable source interface, and the ability to disable a tunnel
  • Configurable HTTPS certificates for Web UI and API access
  • Additional Overlay Network authentication and encryption choices for improved security
  • Increased entropy for added certificate generation randomness

How to Upgrade:

To migrate off of an older VNS3 instance (earlier than please email to Cohesive Networks Support Team with the version and a copy of the current instance License Upgrade page. We will review and confirm that no patches are needed before migrating. Some older versions of VNS3 might require a zero impact patch before migrating.

Follow these simple steps when upgrading between versions:

  1. Launch a new 4.0 VNS3 controller instance/VM
  2. Take a VNS3 Snapshot from the old VNS3 controller
  3. Remap Public/Static IP to the 4.0 VNS3 controller
  4. Access the4.0 VNS3 controller via the remapped Public/Static IP
  5. Upload the VNS3 Snapshot to the 4.0 VNS3 controller
  6. Reboot the old VNS3 controller via the VNS3 UI
  7. Confirm all connections moved to the 4.0 VNS3 controller
  8. Shut down the old VNS3 controller



Watch the tour of 4.0:

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