Upgrade to 3.5.2 LTS - Upgrade FAQs


What versions of VNS3 can upgrade? 

All VNS3 versions 3.5.x should upgrade to the 3.5.2Long Term Server (LTS) for stability and security updates. Older versions will no longer be supported after EOS and EOL dates (check the website for dates). Versions 2.9 and older might need to upgrade to a 3.x version before eventually upgrading to the 3.5.2 LTS.

How can I upgrade? 

For any existing instance of VNS3, you can upgrade to 3.5.2 LTS with a minimal operational window. Upgrading between versions of VPN3/VNS3 requires launching and configuring a new
Controller server instance. Switching service over to the 3.5.2 VNS3 will interrupt service. 

Reduce downtime by configuring with a user-controlled and assignable static Public IP like AWS Elastic IPs. If you cannot control the Public IP address of the new 3.5.2 Controller, you will need to
reconfigure any IPsec devices connecting to the 3.5.2 Controller and Overlay Network client
servers to point to the 3.5.2 Controller’s Public IP address. 


here it is fleshed out a bit:

  • Send Cohesive Support your 12 digit AWS Account ID where your new instance will run (we will confirm the 3.5.2 image is shared with you)
  • Create and download a new snapshot file to make sure you have the latest configuration
  • Launch the 3.5.2 replacement instance. You should see the AMI in the "Private Images" filter in the EC2 portal.
  • Launch the replacement into the same VPC and Security Group(s) as your existing instance.
  • Remap the EIP / Public IP from the existing instance to the new instance.
  • Confirm the EIP has moved to the new instance inside the EC2 Portal instance display
  • Upload the snapshot file to new instance (this will cause a reboot of the new instance)
  • Change your VPC routing table to point to the new instance.
  • Log in and review configuration
  • Stop (DON'T terminate) the old instance and keep around for 24 hours as a rollback option

For detailed instructions (with screen shots) follow the Upgrade Guides on the Documentation page.

What if I need help while I'm upgrading?
Give us a heads up on when you plan to migrate and the Cohesive Support team can be ready if you have any questions.

How long do I have to upgrade?
All VNS3 versions older than should update to the 3.5.2 LTS. Check the website for all end of life (EOL) and end of sale dates:  https://cohesive.net/support/eol

Will my VNS3 license continue to work? 


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